8:54 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Salary Dump
    What's a bonus?
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  • Yes
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  • Salaries.
    I noticed you mentioned Doctors as being questioned. Most Feds do not make what the doctors make. And to hire decent doctors, they have to pay them more. A busy oncologist will make the upper end of your neighborhood. I wish I made what everyone told me I made, especially as it was $300 short this PP.
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  • So that is where the Doctors go that are supposed to be working for the VA
    I often wondered. I have a friend that keeps getting these appointments in the early morning, and he said his doctor never shows before 10:30, but the office keeps scheduling appointments for the hours he is supposed to be working. Before I go further, congratulations on pulling down a salary several times higher than the President of the US. After 23 years in the government, as a senior engineer, I am pulling down a whopping $105,000 (minus the furlough about to cut into that) and I got a whole $300 bonus last year, one of the larger ones in my office (average was about $100). This is well above average for the civil service. If you have someone's step and grade, you have their salary. The pay system is posted on the OPM web site, including locality adjustments. I know at least one web site that has been posting salary information, but the bonus thing is new to me, though the smart phone app was bound to happen sooner or later. Doesn't bother me much, I don't lie about such petty things, and if my self esteem was based on my salary, I wouldn't be working for the government.
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  • How about another App
    Can we put together an app for what government contractors make? That is one that I would really like to see. They often sit right next to us doing the same jobs we are. Other times they sit in Hawaii and work remotely. What are we getting for all that money?
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  • Feds are All Super Rich
    That's the impression the public has of federal workers. About two years ago a story spread like wildfire on the Internet and promoted by Fox News that retired federal workers average over $100,000 per year. I didn't think all that much about it until a couple of Texas friends of ours expressed their anger that the feds were making that much money in retirement. The lousy economy has been a fortuitous event for the corporate predators who own our country. In creating a permanent low wage workforce in America their goal has been achieved much faster than their wildest dreams could imagine. Bringing federal workers in parity with Joe Sixpack who works at a warehouse stacking pallets for $8.00 an hour is the next phase in the corporate mavens' and oligarchs' assault on the American worker. The new generation of workers who look at the "lavish" federal workers' pay and benefits and marvel in disbelief that at one time American workers actually enjoyed paid leave, decent pensions and health care coverage, most of which have gone the way of the dinosaur. Imagine that! We must be filthy rich, right? P.S., my meager Social Security check (and I mean meager) was reduced by 40% as part of a law that punished federal workers who also worked in the private sector. That's only fair, huh?
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