7:54 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Nice Thought
    Yep, very nice thought! Never going to happen.
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  • Not a Surprise
    Managers always think they have some great wisdom that needs to be shared to maintain continuity. They never seem to realize that the new guy needs to do things their way, and they really don't care to hear that they were not doing things near as well as they think. It will probably trickle down to professionals of different sorts in different agencies. I don't see any way to justify it for clerical workers and the like. I also don't see many FERS people taking the option, as they would take a much bigger cut in pay than CSRS workers, unless they let you tap into your TSP, and even then there may not be much benefit to it. Still, it is better than the all or nothing options we have now for everyone. If it works well in an agency, I imagine it will open up more over time.
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  • No way
    I am a CSRS worker who will collect a very large portion of my pay in my pension. With that in mind, why should I give up any of my pension to, maybe, collect a little more and work for the feds. This is especially true with the furloughs. I want to work, but will attempt to get a job and still collect my full pension. This part time plan is definitely not for me.-----I could see a FERS person doing this if that person wants to stop working full time, but wants to work part time. The pension loss will not be that great and the difference between the pension lost and the salary kept is much larger under FERS than under CSRS. Anyway, that would be a personal decision. Non financial factors could also be involved.
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  • Top Ten Reasons Why IRS should not have any money for training. Ever.
    10) Last Star Trek voyage didn't find any signs of intelligent life on Capitol Hill. 9) Obama children need it for spring break. 8) Hillary Clinton only left office with a billion frequent flyer miles. 7) Govt is broke, if you haven't noticed. 6) Who the heck wants trained IRS people? 5) We're still wretching over the full body dry heave videos. 4) IRS TV got censored by the critics. 3) Obama running out of junior appointees to make commissioner. 3) CIA needs money to reinstate Concord trips to Europe. 2) FBI tired of flying coach and needs the money. 1)Never want to see that arrogant Lois Lerner take the 5th again.
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  • FERS partial retirees penalized by 1/3 and technical skills no longer required
    Honest Broker
    I'm fully retired now, but I had considered the partial retirement until you read in the fine print they take away your supplement. In my case, that was 1/3 of my retirement check. In my technical field, Government personnel were to become mainly project managers with no involvement with design, implementation or testing other than just sign off on documents and put together status reports. The need for my skill sets had gone away, so not sure what I had to pass on to the new people. I did leave a parting reminder that Govt employees (team of 5) with real technical skills are value added by designing and emplimenting a COTS computer system that cost 1/5 of a commercial one plus adapted to newer computer technologies or software as they became available. Unfortunately money talks, so the contractors want to maintain it and the price will shoot right back up. They bribe influential Govt employees with retirement jobs and pay off politicians, so I do not give it long before Govt folks no longer control the design or maintain it. Oh well, I tried. Thankful to be retired with my full benefits, but sad to see the new technical people deprived of using their hard won skills and forced to do business related duties.
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