7:42 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Lavish?
    It comes out to $1577 per attendee. That includes airfare, a hotel room and per diem for a week, and paid speakers and conference rooms. That seems perfectly reasonable. If they cut out the videos Congress is having so much fun criticizing (and after seeing many of their much more expensive campaign ads, also financed by taxpayers, I don't see they have room to criticize). It would come down to about $1570 per attendee. Is this really what Congress is freaking out about? It is also something that happened 2 years ago and they have already been reprimanded for it last year when the OPM conference scandal came up. They planning on bringing it up again next year?
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  • It is unreasonable
    Radar Tech
    What a waste of money! We couldn't order spare parts for months while these clowns wasted millions on a party. It's no wonder that we have an out of control spending problem and a $17 TRILLION debt. $1577 per person is still just wasteful spending. It doesn't make it any better to divide the $4 MILLION up by the number of attending moochers. That money should have been used to benefit the taxpayers or not spent at all...not on a wasteful and frivelous junket for folks to hob knob.
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  • I changed my mind...
    Radar Tech
    You are right. The $1577 per person was really very reasonable and it was small potatos. So let's have all the folk that attended the meeting pay the money back. After all, it was very reasonable and not much money, so why can't they pay for their own party and entertainment?
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