6:33 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Surplus IG funds attracting bad PR from company with conflict of interest
    Honest Broker
    With a surplus of funds for IG, this company is biting at the bit to get their hands on it so they are on a smear campaign and cannot be taken seriously. With big money, an outside inspection company could be bought out to give glowing reports. Don't most big companies do their internal inspections with trusted employees looking for waste, fraud and abuse along with ways to improve? If the IG is behind on inspections, why don't they hire more inspectors? The politicians keep saying the Govt needs to get a better handle on their expenditures, but if you have someone else do the work then it seems to contradict that statement. Is this news just a ploy so politicians can outsource more work and money to their friends? Probably.
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  • More push for contractors to take over the government
    Congress has frozen federal pay for 3 going on 4 years now, but there is no limit on contractor pay. Personally, I think OPM contracts out too much of its work now. Where is the security when you have paid contractors performing security reviews for federal employees and other contractors? Yet much of the work is done by contractors already. With the turnover I have seen recently, I am not much surprised OPM is making a profit these days. My office of 1,000 federal employees decided to enforce a secrurity clearance requirement that has been ignored for about 20 years because of the expense of getting a clearance and the lack of real need for it. Now the price has dropped and our HQ is putting more pressure on everyone to get the clearances done. In the next couple years, we will all either have Secret clearances or no longer be working for this office. The only "secret" information we have in the building is personnel files, and personally, I think that is a sad reason for forcing a clearance on everyone. Especially since this gives the government full access to our banking and investment accounts. People whining about the government looking at who you call and how often, just try working for them and see how many "rights" you have left.
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