11:08 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Engrained in the culture
    Anytime IRS events are planned at hotels (training, conferences, etc.) the expectation is always that perks must be part of the package, such as ice cream sundaes at the afternoon breaks; a spread of fruit, yogurt and bagels with coffee and juice in the mornings, unlimited sodas all day long, etc. Never mind that each employee in travel status gets a generous daily allowance to BUY their own food. The more free food provided, the more the employees can pocket that meal money (known as M&IE) as pure profit. Those who travel frequently make lots of extra $$$ this way and do not have to report it as income (not to mention the hotel reward points they get to keep). The procurement rules and Federal travel regs have too many loopholes and vague language.
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  • Make a lot of money off snacks?
    Most conferences I have attended, the meal allowance is $30 to $40 per day. I am not making a fortune off that any day of the week. Pastries and coffee are standard at most conferences, covered by the admission fees, along with the pitcher of water at each table. Believe me, caffeine is necessary at most of these events. Common admission fees for outside conferences and training events is about $1500 per attendee, about what this one cost the IRS. Unless you are subsisting off this snack food all day and eating at McDonalds for dinner, you rarely make much off the meal allowance.
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  • $1100 of free food? Details?
    The Original Joe S
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  • Got to be very careful
    When I worked with the IRS years ago, I would not even accept a can of pop or anything when I went to meetings or classes we had contracted, i.e. Informix training etc. I know what the rules said but I just did not take a chance. Now some of the places we went to were offended by my refusal but you know, I did not care! I was not willing to take any chance. Also, when I went to meetings and or conferences such as those sponsored by Microsoft etc, if I attended during my duty hours and there were door prizes, I either disqualified myself or I surrendered what I was given back to the government when I returned to work. Again, some of my coworkers absolutely thought that was nuts for doing that but the rules are rules. I was NOT willing to put my job in jeopardy for a $300.00 package of free software etc. Of course when I did this, those who attended with me also followed suit. Shortly after my complaining to those who held the conferences quit offering prizes such as I spoke about. Probably a good thing that they did. Even now with the agency I currently work with, if I attend a class such as Learning Tree while I am on duty hours, if I win a free class, which can cost upwards to @2000.00, I surrender the class voucher back to the federal government because it clearly is their property since the taxpayer payed me while I was in the class. Hopefully this company will discontinue having prizes like this as well.
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  • They likely will cancel the promotion even though it costs them nothing
    Of course turning the stuff in to the agency is the same as throwing it away, minus the documentation. They are generally not transferable, and many agencies don't have a clue what to do with "gifts".
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  • They still haven't said what the $1,100 accounts for
    How did they calculate this? What party food costs that kind of money? Did they just find the cost of the party and divide it among those attending, or was there some sort of gold coated food served? Last I checked, on travel or not, I am only on the payroll for 8 hrs. a day. If I attend a party after hours, I am allowed to do what I wish and eat whatever is offered me. If this party was open to the general public, and the prizes were available to anyone, then I don't see any laws being broken or any ethics violated. Only in Congress are people convicted before any evidence is presented. Now can we get the witch hunt over and get back to the budget? You know, the thing Congress has never been able to balance in its entire history.
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