10:57 am, May 22, 2015

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  • FERS Retirees
    A person who is on FERS retirement system would be foolish to take phased retirement! A CSRS person would draw 28% of his salary for 30 years and half of his pay on phase retirement if he worked half time. The same person under FERS would draw 15% of his salary and half of his pay if he worked half time under phase retirement. The FERS retiree does not draw half of his special supplement under the phase retirement rules. Phase retirement is NOT for FERS retirees!
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  • Glad they got it done
    To be honest, I have seen things like this take 5 to 10 years to develop, and get superseded before they get implemented. Of course it is still some distance from implementation. I have worked for DoD long enough to know that they will have to issue their guidance documents. Then each of the services will create their guidance under that, and so on a couple more levels before anyone actually gets a phased retirement to happen. I figure that is still at least 2 years away. I love the concept. We have had so many people that physically have a hard time coming in 5 days a week, physically anymore. They know a lot about how things have been done, where the bodies are buried, and so on. We have had a history of not even starting recruiting until their desk has been repurposed, and all too often, people have to start from scratch, with little or no help or guidance at all. Of course, knowing many of our managers, they see mentoring as a waste of time on par with tracking what people actually do. So I am not sure how they plan on measuring 20% mentoring or enforcing it when managers will likely keep dumping on the people that can accomplish the most with little or no instruction and pretty much ignoring the new guy until he or she can figure it out or leaves in frustration.
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