12:28 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Hey Mike
    You need to sign up Anon as a guest columnist. I think he did a fair job of analyzing the issue. Thank-you,
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  • No, he did not do a pretty fair job
    Anon forgets some things. I am an auditor. When I lose a day from doing audits, that work will have to be done another day. This stretches the case out and causes the case to take more time (time span and not time to do the case). Since the number of "working days" remains the same, I will do less cases and thus bring in less revenue. Multiply this by the number of furlough days and the number of auditors, collection people, and other revenue producers, and you will find there is a substantial loss to the federal government. Plus, you have support staff that helps us do our jobs. They lose working time which affects the ability of the IRS to bring in revenue. No, anon gave an incomplete analysis.
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  • Audits will always be required - No one likes to give out money
    Honest Broker
    Anon was right about no big need for IRS when the tax collection from employees is automated, but companies, small businesses and sole proprieterships themselves do not easily give money to the IRS so constant vigilance is necessary. Rather than making tax laws simple for businesses, politicians have created many deductions not available to the average citizen especially employees. Many CPA's and business owners try to extract even more deductions beyond current allowances, so the IRS agents must be well versed in those laws or what taxes are truely owed never get collected. Too bad the politicians are greedy or they might make the tax laws, but with Congressional campaigns in the millions I do not see any change in the status quo. I understand the CPA's and Corp tax lawyers are paid much higher than our IRS agents, so I am sympathetic and appreciative to our IRS.
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  • Loss of Money
    In asnswer to Anon IRS worker. The government actually does lose money when IRS is Furloughed. It is true that the money continues to flow into IRS, however, if employees are furloughed nothing is getting input to the bank. This means no interest on any money received for that day. It doesn't back date. If you hold a check, but you do not put it in the bank it is not making money. This same scenerio goes for the Government. Also many places, such as IT end up working overtime to make up for the day they are forced to take off. Deadlines have to be met. In my area, it only increases the already high stress. Awss has the same problem. Moves etc... still have to be completed, this just makes everything push back which stresses the production and collection departments. People get aggitated and the tempers come out. So to say there is little affect when IRS is furloughed is incorrect. It actually costs money for IRS to be furloughed.
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  • courage
    John E.
    Dare to be dull.
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