7:01 am, May 28, 2015

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    220 conferences over the course of 3 years for an agency the size of Treasury, with major legislation due to take effect shortly doesn't seem that far out of line. They have a lot of details to work out and even more information to provide to tax preparers. Other than that, until recently, just about every agency has had at least one annual meeting for executives and political appointees that they would probably rather the public not be aware of. They are still pretty tame compared to the private sector events the appointees are generally used to on the outside. I don't care if those parties stay or go, but the vast majority of these events are needed to get real work done. The Federal government in general, attends, sponsors, or cosponsors thousands of conferences every year to try to bring consistency to programs, to educate the public on new regulations or policies, and to train its workers. Can we stop with the Fed bashing for a bit and get back to solving real problems?
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