11:42 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • One thing they forgot
    Did they consider the programs that are in direct conflict with each other? The Bureau of Land Management has the unenviable task of both trying to preserve our natural resources, wild lands, national parks, and so on, and increasing access to these natural resources for industry to use them. One side tries to protect, while the other wantonly destroys. There are also cases where 3 different groups do more or less the same thing, but with 3 very different missions. We have at least 3 different bank regulators. One works for the banking industry, to give them an independent review of the industry, without revealing secrets to competitors. One acts as an insurer and looks to the security of the individual banks, making sure they comply with industry standards for security and risk management. The third handles prosecution of violations of law. None of these three are allowed by law to share information, and for some good reasons. Once they get the communications issues resolved, things likely won't get much easier.
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