12:25 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • How Incredibly Patronizing
    Federal workers are "worth their weight in gold" Except for our janitorial contractors, I don't know of a single contractor losing a single day of work from sequestration. On my office's furlough days there will be no federal workers, but all the military and contractors will be there, and they will all be getting full paychecks. Please spare me the false simpathy. Furloughs again next year? Are you people really that stupid that even with a full year to plan, that is the best solution you can come up with? Offer early outs and you will empty out any office of all the bodies you need to meet budget. If that doesn't do it, then RIF the rest. Oh, but then you would have to lay off those contractors first, instead of the "Precious Federal Workers" you think are so valuable. I guess years of pay freezes just wasn't good enough to show how valuable we are. Another year of furloughs and you will see how fast people leave federal service and don't come back. Then you won't have any choice but to lay off a few contractors.
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  • Agree completely with marxwj
    I want to get out of DoD but what is all this going to do to our country. Where is the leadership?!
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  • Across the board cuts
    You know how serious they are when the first exemption is political appointees and members of the House and Senate and their staffs. I agree with 'marxwj' - why is it ONLY the federal civilian worker? Also, why did they dither and dither about sending out furlough notifications so that instead of having enough time to take one day per pay period, which would hurt but it can be absorbed, now they have to force two days per pay period down our throats, while the political appointees (who lose NO pay or annual leave)stroke our poor little heads and tell us how much it hurt them to have to make these decisions. I am of the firm conviction that there was direction from the highest levels of this government to make these as painful as possible to put as much pressure as possible on the lawmakers. Well, you did just that by your stupid dithering and shoving these furloughs down our throats. Your patronizing words and dearth of leadership leave me with absolutely nothing but disgust with you and your ilk.
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