6:18 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Hopefully they will have the regs in place
    Sue from the IRS
    When I would like to use this option, in about 15 years.
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  • Mike avoiding elephant in room
    Lois Lerner takes the 5th and no articles about biggest scandal since Watergate? Have we all be coopted? Most employees were pawns used by a cabal but does anybody care?
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  • There is no elephant
    Nothing has been provided to show that there is a scandal. The only thing I hear is a bunch of politicians with their big mouths yapping before there is any completed investigations which show anything worthwhile. The TIGTA report gives nothing scandalous. Oh, there might have been some bad filters, but that was not political. That happens in the audit stream also. The people who set them up do the best they can based on the information provided. However, the radical rightists will spin this as an Obama issue like everything else is an Obama issue. However, when their friends George Bush and Company gave us the George Bush and the Republican Depression, they try to spin it off to Clinton instead of giving us the truth. So keep on yapping. The net result will be the same garbage as the 1998 fiasco when there was a big blow up and then the truth came out. The IRS had few problems.
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  • It isn't as easy as it may seem
    One of the obvious difficulties is that the government would have to pay you twice, once for a portion of your retirement pay, which will be largely a guess until they finish processing your partial retirement, 6 months to a year after you start this process. Then for the portion of your regular time that you work. Will it affect your leave accrual, since you are not working full time do you get some leave of no leave? Normally after you retire, you get paid for leave you haven't used, will this still happen and when? Will the government pay all of some of their participation in your health insurance? How often can you change the number of days you work, and force a recalculation of both paychecks, deductions, and so on? Since states treat salary and pension income differently, how do they handle the withholding? What software and other systems will have to be upgraded to deal with this, especially since just about every agency uses a different system. And who is going to process these partial retirements when OPM can barely keep up with current retirements. I love the idea, and hope I can use it some day, but it isn't going to be easy to implement. When it takes a year to calculate someone's retirement benefits and you can change the amount of the week you are working versus retired every year, it could keep OPM backlogged for a long time to come.
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