7:56 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Some of these numbers just don't seem to add up
    I work for the Navy, and my organization builds and renovates office buildings for the Navy. Just a couple years ago we spend I believe it was around $275 million to partially demolish several historic structures and turn the footprint into a single office building, maintaining the historic nature of the design and several historic structural elements. We also fully furnished the building and incorporated many energy saving features. NAVSEA relocated their headquarters there of over 5,000 workers. How can anyone come up with the idea of a lease for $177 million for less than 2,000 workers with a straight face and then ask for more money to move and renovate the space? My office is an 8 by 9 foot cube, and so are almost all the cubes in my building. That is 72 square feet to you guys. If you include hallways and conference rooms, many of which we have turned into more cubes in the last couple years, you could push it up to little more than 100 sq. feet per person. I can't even imagine having over 300 sq. feet per person.
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  • DHS model seems a bit odd
    I like the idea of cell phones and lap tops to maximize telework and such, but it seems like they are pushing people away from the office. My office is too cheap to spring for the phones and only about half of us have laptops. Since you have to reserve a cube for those days you are in the office, I don't imagine you can keep files at your desk or personalize the place at all, since you likely won't be there the next day or the next week. This sounds like what they call "hoteling", and I would wonder how they build office unity when people could be scattered all over the building or at home on any given day? How do you work together on projects? How do you justify even 180 sq. feet per person when you share desks? Is part of this secure file storage, since you never know where your desk will be on any given week? Not necessarily criticizing, just curious how it all works. Oh, and the evaluation based on results can only work if the supervisors have a clue what the workers are responsible for. I have never seen an office where supervisors are that aware of their employees. How does that work?
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