12:20 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Jacob Lew latest move
    It's pretty hard to have a "positive and constructive tone" after reading that Treasury Secretary Lew is going to ROB our retiree fund. What can be said that is positive about this guy "stealing" retiree money? These dollars will NEVER "get put back" and someday, the retirees who worked half their lives or more for the government will be the ones who end up paying the consequences of this action. STOP LEW FROM DOING THIS!!!
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  • It may be legal,
    and it certainly has been used before; but I disapprove, I always have, and I always will. This is not public money. This is my personal money. It does not belong to anyone else. Lay off MY MONEY. Yet again, the fleecing of federal civil servants is the ONLY REMEDY offered for congressional irresponsibility. Bloody brilliant! IS THERE NO OTHER SECTOR OF SOCIETY THAT CAN BE EXPECTED TO HELP OUT? It is not civil servants who took all the money and are the cause of our fiscal woes? Believe me, we civil servants are innocent VICTIMS, NOT THE CAUSE of any fiscal problems. Leave the civil servants alone. I subscribe to the Willie Sutton school of taxation: tax the rich, THAT is where the money went. Really. Fistfuls of it.
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  • CSRS Attacked Now - Is FERS Next?
    Radar Tech
    They are attacking CSRS now. Will they go after FERS next? There is talk of imposing C-CPI as well. This is after pay freezes and furloughs. I guess it may be time to start looking for employment elsewhere with honorable people that keep their promises. It's that or renounce citizenship and file for welfare as an illegal migrant - there's plenty of money to give welfare to criminal migrants, but no money to pay what is owed to federal workers. Just look at the democrat controlled Senate Judiciary Committee. They just voted to give welfare benefits to illegal migrants they grant amnesty to. If you voted for these democrat senators or their RINO colleagues and you collect CSRS, you have to ask yourself why you would do that. You have to wonder how you could have voted for someone that is happy to give taxpayer funded welfare to illegal migrants (that they give citizenship to) but they have to steal your earned retirement benefits to do it. Keep voting democrat and keep getting this kind of legislation. It is the democrat appointed Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew that is doing this to you, not an "evil" conservative. Remember in November. Remember that the sequestration was Obama's idea. Remember that it could not have become law without the democrat senate passing it and the democrat president signing it. Remember that it was democrat appointed or reappointed leadership in your Department or Agency that proposed your furloughs. Remember that it is democrat appointed leadership that is raiding your retirement accounts. If you are OK with that, just keep voting democrat.
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  • RINOs ?
    Radar Tech gives away his political leaning by blaming Democrats and "RINOs" for the repeated fiscal peccadillos rather than the Tea Party radicals who keep blocking the government from conducting its business. Raising the debt ceiling when necessary used to be a pro forma exercise, and if Congress would get off its dead backside and do what's necessary the Treasury Department wouldn't have to rob Peter (us) to pay Paul (everyone else). And I love how Tightie Righties like Radar Tech blather on about how sequestration was Obama's idea, conveniently ignoring the fact that the GOP majority in the House voted for it - it may be the only thing he proposes in 8 years that they go along with. Yes, it was bad policy, but they didn't have to pass it, did they - if he suggested that they all jump off the Wilson Bridge and they did it, would they be screaming "It was Obama's idea!" on the way down?
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  • TEA Party & House Can't Do Executive Orders
    Radar Tech
    Fedweb and sycophants et al cannot face the truth that their annointed one unilaterally imposed a pay freeze (paycut by inflation) on federal workers. They cannot face the truth that the entire fiasco of furloughs because of sequestration were the administration's plan...that the president threatened to veto legislation that didn't have sequestration...that the president ALONE signed it into law - refusing to use the only veto pen in town. Now that the Obama administration is raiding our retirements, it seems odd that Fedweb is trying to redirect the conversation from who is raiding OUR MONEY. Those Jedi mind tricks may work on Kool Aid drinking faithful, but most federal workers have had about enough abuse from this administration.
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  • Here's what I want to know
    Why aren't such 'loans' from federal employees' pension funds repaid at interest rates commensurate with being the 'lenders of last resort'?
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  • That's a Great Point FERS_Fed!
    Radar Tech
    That is a really great point. We should be getting premium interest rates...not the paltry Federal Reserve depressed rate they give the G-Fund.
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  • raiding fed retirement funds
    Stop giving money to countries like iran afghanistan and any country that dosen't like us and use the the money to take care the usa. we have so mucch poverty and those countries just feed off of us. politicians wakeup and smell the roses stop ruining this country and make us great again
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