3:08 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Again, So Much
    B.S. What is really pathetic is this confirms that Obama was re-elected by the low information voter. Why? None of the threatened furloughs had even been implemented when 'suddenly' there were air traffic slow-downs across the US. Further, the $45B in cuts this year and the $40B in cuts next year were just cuts in the increase in spending not actual budget cuts, which, of course, those watching the MSM and following "Organizing For America" (Obama's super-PAC where the vast majority of the people believe it is actually BHO tweeting) will never learn any facts that point back at the WH or dems and their fed union supporters. Yes, the cost of goods and services does increase; but there was no need for additional air controllers or DoD and IRS employees; where all 90,000 IRS employees will have 'targeted' furlough days. And, the targeted days will be those days with the highest adverse impact on those who are congenitally on the dole.
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