11:28 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • One more flaw with the Plan
    Part of the problem is that people don't just skip out of college and become SESers. They work their whole federal career to get to that level. They tend to be very ambitious people to begin with, and this doesn't sound like a way to advance. When you move from one agency to another, you are almost starting from scratch. Unlike most GS positions, hopping from one agency to another is no way to advance within the SES. You got your position through political maneuvering and Agency specific experience and training. As such, your value to other agencies would be somewhat limited, and there is little time to build that with even one other agency, let alone several of them. After all that, you are almost certainly talking about someone about to retire from federal service, not someone looking to manage cross agency projects. I can't imagine too many SES that would see this as an opportunity, but more of an obstacle to advancement. I would say they may have a better chance recruiting from high level GS employees that want to break into the SES levels, but even then you are talking about people often in their late 40s and early 50s at best. By the time they get high level experience in several agencies, you are still talking about people very near retirement age, not generally the most innovative people either.
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