9:26 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Good to see you Mike
    Good to see you back, but since I am a a witch hitter (apple and PC), I still got to see you each morning. But, had to wait and see any comments when I got home. Which there were none. So your comments readers must be bored.
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  • Lesson learned
    Big Joe
    Well, for me it was a lesson learned! I visited WTOP and Federal News Radio every day and my PC did get infected. After much frustration getting it cleaned up, I realized it was my fault I got infected because I got complacent. There is nothing on FNR that is earth shattering, so my frequent viewing was serving no purpose. Mike's posting today is a good example....nothing new conveyed.
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  • Lessons Learned II
    When folks set up their home computers, the account they use typically has admin privileges by default. Most folks never bother to setup another limited user account for their regular everyday use. ..... Regularly using a user account with admin privileges leaves you highly vulnerable to infection by viruses, malware, etc. ..... From personal experience, strongly recommend setting up a separate limited user account for everyday use, and only using an admin account when you need to do updates of Windows, A/V definitions, etc.
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