3:41 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Well I'm a male retired Fed
    who spent 36 years as an NIH scientist and I would have very much appreciated receiving an honest days's pay for any one of my many many honest days' work. My pay was not even close to "honest". I certainly hope that all employees get paid what they deserve, but when administrator/clerks get paid more than actual scientists, we have a long way to go, and the problem is much broader than sexual discrimination.
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  • Part Time
    B H.
    After returning to work part-time after child birth I have to say that I was discriminated against. Although at the time, pregnancy could not be used as discrimination I was however demoted and I did not receive a raise in 10 years so how far behind in pay would you say I am?
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  • 7 cents
    7 cents??? I guess it never occurred to the Rhodes Scholars in OPM that some of that might be explained by differences in grade and/or step and/or any incentive pay that an individual might be drawing. And Ms. Part time, did you ever seek any sort of redress against those who you say demoted you?
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