11:58 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • The Solution
    Dennis Webb
    USPS needs to generate more business. Maybe they could get into the lottery business. Each stamp you buy and use would be like a lottery ticket, with regular winners announced.
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  • Crazy land
    Dennis, what is the point? If the USPS isn't delivering mail what is the point of its getting into other things? The only safe thing they could do is become a "safe" bank like the post offices in Japan. I don't NEED to have junk mail in my freaking mailbox every freaking day just so some postal employee can have a job. The money's better off in the private sector. We can still have a five day delivery (and yes, packages delivered by the USPS on Saturdays) but the mission stops there.
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  • Round and Round We Go!
    Round and round we go, where the b.s. stops nobody knows. The Congress needs to get out of the way of the USPS cutting back Saturday delivery, etc.
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