2:57 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • The process for handling retirement claims is still a mostly manual, paper-based one. OPM has long struggled with upgrading its technology
    I wonder why? Perhaps because only "managers" can get a GS-14 or above. Technical GS-14s and GS-15s are like gold dust in the government. The people in charge upgrading technology don't know what a logarithm is so how are they going to know whether a contractor for a complex new system is doing a decent job.
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  • Always the paper's fault
    A large part of the problem is that the people retiring today have 20 to 40+ years in the government. 40 year old records are only found in paper form. You are talking about a mountain of paper records. In order to do it any other way, you need digital documents of a persons personnel history going all the way back to when they were first hired, and it has to be compatible with what they are using today. I am afraid the best they will get with most of these is a PDF image of most of these documents, which still requires someone to retype much of the data into a modern database.
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