2:40 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Dick Cheneys War.
    When Bush/Cheney declared their war on Saddam Hussain and his weapons of mass destruction, they failed to raise taxes to fund it. Public funds were raised to fund other wars, but they knew that the public was not 100% convinced about the need to take down Iraq. Turns out no such weapons every existed except in the minds of the two men. The next time we go to war, we will simply have to raise taxes under this current budget situation.
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  • Address the costly DoD acquisitons programs
    Little has been done about dealing with the costly programs for new hardware. The F-35 was to be a one force jet. Congress put jobs in over 40 states to make it kill-proof.The F-35 is still struggling, years behind schedule and hundreds of billions already spent. There have been some critical audits on various issues, but no real solutions, such as making the contractors share in the cost-overruns when they over-sell the benefits and ease of building some of the projects. A recent report on the cost of every service doing their own thing on uniform apparel buying shows that there is no such thing as a joint force in many areas. Congress shares in this as no one wants to limit jobs in their districts if common sense calls for the termination of a program. We have to look at the jobs that could be created by cutting billions from costly military hardware that either is not really needed, does not work as the project was sold to the military. Plenty of civil engineering work to be done. Bridges, water treatment plants, highways, schools etc need to be upgraded or new ones built.
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  • If I may quote Hillary
    "what difference at this point does it make?" end of discussion.
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  • Defense budgets
    The Defense Department starts work on most of its budget planning 5 years in advance. Many of its large ticket items are on 5 year funding cycles. Construction is usually planned 10 or more years in advance. Telling DoD to read Congresses mind and come up with a sequester budget when no one knew what the totals might be until months into the fiscal year is idiotic. Telling them to create multiple budgets, just in case, is a huge waste of money and resources.
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