3:12 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • We have nothing to fear?
    As we've seen so far, the spoils system hasn't changed. There will be winners and losers, most of it having nothing to do with what's right or best for the masses. It's all about the special interests. That's why the Palestinians get $500,000,000 and we get furloughed.
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  • CPI
    I'm CSRS retired and fully appreciate the monthly pension deposit.The chained CPI proposal is ridiculous simply because it does not reflect the true annual inflation rate nor does the current CPI.Too many excludables in the formula.My suggestion is to make the annual FED/SSA COLA percentage and working FED annual raise rate the same as the average increase in the FEHB premium percentage(Self only).If the government goal is to minimize/eliminate annual COLAs,just say so.But that means our congressional "geniuses" would have to tell us the truth for once.
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  • Truth?
    The government tell us the truth? Are you kidding? They will repeat their lies until it becomes truth.
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  • Mayan mayhem
    Keep up the good work, and keep typing away. Who knows, eventually you may be right!
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  • Special interests too powerful for real cost savings, so taking it out on Feds
    Honest Broker
    2011 Bad Business Report by POGO.ORG pointed out that contract service are over priced by an average of 1.83 times and that includes a lifetime of Govt benefits. All major Govt contractors are awarding huge dividends to their CEO's and Senior Executives, so no belt tightening there. Special Interests have Congress and Senate on their payroll with no complaints, so they are not done with taking more from federal employees benefits or even replacing them with contract personnel. Wish there was some way to push back, but just seems like we are at their mercy. I guess the perfect title is civil SERVANT.
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