1:34 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Pay Freezes, Furloughs, and Chained CPI Retirements, etc.
    Radar Tech
    What's not to love? The powers-that-be think that they can change the rules impacting the lives of workers in mid stream with impunity. News Flash: freeze our pay, have a hiring freeze, pile on the work loads, furlough us, threaten our earned retirement benefits, increase our health insurance costs, and then demonize us in the press for years at a time (with occassional "Attaboys" thrown in) is a recipe for people with talent to leave, never arrive, or retire in place. If that was the intent of the last few years, then congratulations! Mission Accomplished.
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  • Respect
    Stop treating us like ***t. We are not the problem. Like I have said many many times before, when times were good for the privite sector and big pay and bonus were flying high, all we could do was look at them from the side lines
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  • Pay and benefits
    That's all there is. You want to retain and hire good people? That's what it takes. The Obama Administration and the Congress have kept salaries frozen for 3 years and the prospects of any meaningful raise next year are slim to none. Benefits are being cut by increasing employee retirement contributions or reducing cost-of-living adjustments. Moving the deck chairs on the Titantic didn't stop the disaster and trying to convince employees and prospective hires that their jobs are somehow better by using Human Resource Office jargon just won't have any effect, in fact, it is more likely to be detrimental as employees see through these charades. Instead of trying to convince employees of the worthwhile nature of their jobs, agency heads should spend their time lobbying Congress for some relief from this attack on Federal workers. Just so you understand, cutting Federal workers' pay and benefits won't have a big impact on the deficit. You have to either raise taxes and/or lower expenditure on the big-ticket items like Defense, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
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  • Not just pay...
    I don't think that pay is the lone driving factor. The federal workplace leads private industry in offering flexibility (at least on paper) that few private, white collar jobs have, and the chance to work towards a real mission rather than driving sales. Where this falls apart is getting stuck in an antiquated workplace culture, almost always with underqualified management that was put there based on seniority or patronage, and causes those under 5's to be pigeonholed until the "retired in place" crew clear out of their GS-14 & 15 perches. Almost all agencies right now are using a fox guarding the hen house approach when it comes to changing work place culture ("We're doing great here, everyone that reports to me says that things are great on their TPS reports!"), and as a result, it won't be changing for awhile.
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  • @ Not just pay...
    Beautifully stated and 100% true.
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