3:49 am, May 24, 2015

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  • 4

    Once again the get nothing done CONgress doesn't want to do what needs to be done so they can protect their own little empires. They have no problem putting to the little people that can't fight back but it's not a problem for them to put their noses up the rears of the lobbist's that protect them. May they all rot in H!!!
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  • Research Project
    Out of the districts that lost bases in the first 3 BRACs, how many still have the same Congressman they had back then? A military base is the largest federal charity you will see in any congressional district. Just more evidence that Congress cares more about keeping their jobs than helping the nation. The Marine Corps is looking at downsizing their forces by 10% over the next few years, but as long as they keep facilities open, they can't cut much of their civilian workforce. The Navy isn't downsizing near that much, but they already have bases open that they don't need, such as the diesel sub base in Grotton, CT. The Army will be dropping troop levels by at least 100,000, and keeping all their current bases open after that is foolish. Of course Congress is still purchasing 2 diesel subs per year the Navy doesn't need, just to keep Grotton open and parts makers across the country for an obsolete ship. They are still purchasing tanks the Army can't use. Congress needs to stop using the military as their personal Pork project.
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  • Need to Check
    There are no diesel subs in the US Navy inventory. Nor, none being built.
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  • Perhaps...
    before a military installation is built there should be an agreement that the land and the installations become Federal property over which states have no right to and that all decisions to close/expand them be taken out of the hands of the Congress. After all, DoD is doing what it is required to do by law in seeking to save money and manage wisely, but it is the same idiots that pass these laws that impede them. Common functions, such as Defense, should be funded by all taxpayers and things needed at the state level should be funded by the taxpayers in the respective states. This "pork" crap needs to be stopped and those on the Hill that support it need to exposed and turned ou into the street.
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