12:13 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • if interest rates rise 1%
    It will cost the US more than the amount of the sequester in additional interest payments on the debt - what then? What if rates go up two percent?
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  • But the FAA is Saved
    Of course, we're weakened defense wise, but God forbid their flights home for break get delayed!
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  • Not relevant
    This would be irrelevant if the US Govt hadn't sold the military out to the UN to go chasing all the UN conflicts around the world, now would it? the US Govt sold out control of the miliary to the UN in 1949. Weve not fought ONE WAR for the US since. second-amendment DOT tripod DOT com
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  • Commander-in-Chief
    Experience as a progressive community leader does not translate well in being Commander-in-Chief of a constitutional republic. . . . though he does have an enviable, infectious, million dollar, Hollywood smile.
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