2:42 am, May 30, 2015

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  • No more exempt now than anyone else with Employer insurance.
    The FED insurance program is like any other employer- subsidied insurance program. The trick here is that if you leave service as a Congressman, you get to keep your government insurance- whereas anyone else- INCLUDING FEDERAL EMPLOYEES- lose that insurance and have to hope the insurance the next employer provide will be decent. So the real answer is that when you stop being a Congressman- aka, you leave the job- you lose the job benefits, like everyone else, and have to go out there and fend for yourself. Since most are wealthier than average, anyway, it shouldn't be a problem for them, right?
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  • Its only fair!
    Its only fair. You're all down with the people, right? Nah, I didn't think so.
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  • Test Rats
    Lisa Lisa
    If this is what this yahoo wants, then COngress should get it first. You know. As test rats to see how effective it is. Afterall, you dont want to go "all in" until a BETA group has been tested (Congress). Just sayin.
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  • Real Questions
    Here's the question the blind media needs to ask: Why doesn't the proposal to put Fed meployees under Obamacare exchanges also require all Fed contractors to do the same? Hmmmmm? Why weren't labor rates paid through Federal contracts been frozen for the past three years? Hmmmm? Why are ocntractors allowed to pay awards and bonuses that are expensed back to the govt. throuygh G&A while the GS stiffs can't even get time off awards? Hmmmmm? While the Feds are under thereat of losing their already inferior FEHB, Federal ocntractors will still enjoy their Cadillac plans and salaries, all funded by the govt.
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  • The reality
    B H.
    The FEHBP coverage is an employer offered program; in which the American public were told if your employer offers health insurance You the individual can choose to keep it, as it is! So with that said, you have to ask yourself why Congress is making a mockery out of this? To say they cut the Federal employee's benefits? Health insurance coverage is a benefit we pay towards; just as private industry does, it is Not Free. On a personal note; my spouse who was a non Fed had Better health benefits from that employer than I did as a Fed and paid less a pay check. The exchanges were established to illuminate the high cost of insurance that everyone pays, strictly because of people who are Uninsured - our rates increase because they are a liability. So if everyone has insurance this game stops and it makes everyone accountable. The exchanges are for people who do not have health insurance now, being some of the same companies that are in the FEHBP program plans. So does Congress want everyone to pay one price for one type of coverage for every American? I don't believe that our free enterprise system - large insurance companies will allow this to happen, because ultimately they will loose money and won't be able to pay out their 6 digit salaries and bonuses to their employees, so I don't believe this has been thoroughly thought out, and I can only hope that they stop using Federal employees as their scapegoats.
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