7:10 am, May 30, 2015

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  • No problem. But then just explain why anyone would want to work for the federal government?
    The benefits make up a large percent of compensation, especially for highly qualified feds with graduate degrees who in general, are paid less than the private sector Yes, the CBO report actually does say that). Remove those benefits and who would want to continue working for the feds? It wouldn't even be worthwhile to remain until you're retirement eligible (55 years old & 20 years in) to keep your FEHB benefit because there would be any such benefit! Your best bet would be to quit the federal government & find the highest paid private sector job because the benefits would be the same.
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  • Most Americans have become jealous lazy scumbags. If they don't have something, rather than work to get it, they want to take it away from someone else who earned it.
    The Original Joe S
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  • Clearly a politician who understands nothing
    Rep Camp, doesn't understand the basic principle of the Affordable Care Act. No has to agree to support the act, but you do have to understand it. The Affordable Care Act is meant to provide insurance to those who do not have it; not take away or change the health insurance to those who already get it through their employer. And the suggestion that if it's good enough for regular America, it's good enough for Federal employees is a 4 Pinocchio lie. It certainly should be good enough if you don't currently have health insurance. The suggestion that everyone must be the same is downright SOCIALISTISTIC. Imagine that, a Republican socialist. If one person can't have it, now one can have it. Fidel Camp!!!!!
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  • FEHBP works....
    then why not offer it to the uninsured, and the rest of the nation. We have hundreds of plans, in competition, that the consumer can chose from, and negotiate at the family level. And it the same plan the reps and senators have, as I do as a Fed. Why not? Answer... progressives control the panic of the poor, the lib media, progressives keep the low under their soft boot with real thought oppresseds for those great people that decide.
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  • That's an easy answer.
    Because unlike Medicare (government insurance for the masses), the Federal employees do not abuse the system and there isn't massive fraud by those trying to cheat the system. If we open it up to all, it will be a disaster for the Feds. In other words, federal employees/military tend to be far more responsible citizens.
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  • Relax Feds!
    Read the story....it says (in part): "Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) wants to move federal employees, the president, vice president and members of Congress off the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program and on to insurance exchanges. Camp and six other members introduced H.R. 1780 last Friday to change the law requiring the executive and legislative branches to use these new plans under the Affordable Care Act.... "Chairman Camp has long believed every American ought to be exempt from the law, which is why he supports full repeal. The fact that Democrats are attempting to exempt themselves from the very law they forced on the rest of America proves they know that this law is an abysmal failure," said a spokeswoman for Camp in a release. "If the ObamaCare exchanges are good enough for the hardworking Americans and small businesses the law claims to help, then they should be good enough for the president, vice president, Congress and federal employees...." Camp's announcement is a response to the dumbocrat "leadership" in the House to exempt Members/staff from nobamacare, knowing it will be a complete failure. That's all this is about...wanting to make sure the people responsible for this "obamination" to be covered by it.
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  • Purely symbolic
    The Red Guy
    Ah, I get it. Since I went to graduate school and eventually decided to put talents to work, ostensibly, for the American people, some clown now thinks that I should have something taken away because other people, who didn't get into my school and didn't get the job, can't have the same thing for free? What's he some kind of socialist? Isn't that what they do in Europe? Yet another failed GOP attempt to act they were actually doing something while slowly sliding into oblivion.
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