12:39 am, May 29, 2015

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  • $4 million with $4 million suspended out of FIFTEEN BILLION in federal government contracts
    Pathetic - that's less than one-thousandth of their government funding. They must be laughing their heads off. For Raytheon this is just the cost of doing business and it's a pretty low cost.
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  • How about the OTHER VOILATORS
    Your Worst Nightmare
    When is that our government will begin looking into the waste of tax payers' money? Contractors like Raytheon or CSC (Computer Science Corporation) charge exaggerated fees in every contract they sign with the federal government. It is not fare to have these companies performing their white collar highway robbery to the American People specially for contracts for services that do not provide any benefit to the general public. Just try to call the Department of Labor...it is a referral service meaning you are calling a number to obtain 5 different numbers to call and pray God that one of those numbers is the correct one that will help you with your question or issue. A referral service? Seriously people? Wake up America. We need assistance, we need real and efficient help, not a bunch of people repeating what they have in a script with useless information. These are millions of dollars being paid to these contractors just to answer phone calls and misleading the general public to non working numbers or numbers that do not have anything to do with any subject related to your issues. In some cases when these contractors submit their proposals to win these contracts, they promise all kinds of benefits and plans to benefit the services, but our government do not know is that they just put it on paper. If a REAL AUDIT would be perform if what they promise is what they do...then you would see that only 30% of all what is said is true or implemented; the rest is just words.
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