8:21 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Status of???
    What has happened to the Lt.General who did this and is he still on a career path or ????
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  • Lt General
    Texas Fed Up Fed
    Of course he's still on his career path. The Good Ol' Boys' Network is alive and well in the military. These men will go on to complete "distinguished" careers, retire with a fat annuity, apply for and be given a fat disability check, and continue to treat women like dirt. Military officers have way too much "discretion". If there is any rule they don't want to apply to their buddies then the old "commander's discretion" comes out and the rule goes out the window. These men are a disgrace.
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  • UCMJ is not Uniform
    Radar Tech
    I first learned that the UCMJ was not "uniform" from Grenada. Vice Adm. Joseph Metcalf was getting war trophies from Grenada, as were some junior officers and enlisted personnel. The junior men ended up court-martialed. He got a lateral transfer and then a promotion. Some pigs are more equal...
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