3:14 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Sequestration is OK for this......
    John Q Public has no outcries about this, as it does not affect their daily lives, and besides its another slap in the face for a Federal Worker, so that must be a good thing. No Senators or Congressmen retiring, oh than the Sequestration is saving us money, so thats good, the Federal workers will understand they have big shoulders. This Sequestration is nothing but a JOKE, a lousy JOKE, and we the Feds are the losers...no surprise the retirement queues are up and wait till the end of the year...I am sure they will double from now....and they wonder why people are retiring at record rates....screw the FED every chance you can get.
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  • Good
    I hope you do retire. The US taxpayers are tired of paying your inflated salaries and benefits for little to no work. All you FEDs do is spend our money as fast as you can so you can ask for more the next year. It doesent matter if all of the help is wasted, tied up in bureaucracy, or squandered by you on lavish trips and conferences, the US taxpayer is just an endless spigot of money to you FEDs. Good riddance, we wont need to replace any of you.
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  • You're just jealous because you were too stupid to get a Fed job. You probably shovel doo-doo in Louisiana.
    The Original Joe S
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  • Respond to Good
    Stack Rat
    A comment typical of someone who is not talented, intelligent, or capable enough to get a federal job. The poster reminds me of a relative who said federal employees should "sacrifice" and made comments similar to FrankJr's. This same relative was on unemployment for two years (and never looked for another job in that time) and complained when he stopped getting unemployment checks. This relative, after four years, is still unemployed (and still not looking for work), and is living at home with his 90 year old mother and living off her monthly Social Security check. Probably a lot like FrankJr.
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  • Oh no
    boo hoo whaaaaaaa you still have a job right? whaaaaaa. sob sob.
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