5:59 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • and speaking of duplication
    Just me
    I wonder how many Congressional committees and oversight panels will be disbanded under this bill? After all, duplication is duplication...right?
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  • redundancy or ineffectiveness
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    I can see where some reduncancy is needed. What congress needs to look at is whether or not a program is needed? What does it provide to the taxpayer. There are many small programs that need to be axed. There are some that are axed due to political pressures but really serve the taxpayers. This needs to be sorted out.
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  • "What congress needs to look at is whether or not a program is needed"?
    FERS Fed
    Needed by whom? ..... I refer you to the Army's M1 Abrams main battle tank. Wikipedia reports that almost 9,000 Abrams tanks have been delivered to the Army and USMC. The Pentagon has repeatedly told Congress that it doesn't NEED any more Abrams tanks. ..... Yet the congressional delegation of Ohio, where the tanks are built/refurbished, refuses to let the Army suspend the program, and continues to provide MORE funding for the Abrams tank program. ..... The question is not whether a federal program is needed by the taxpayer, but whether that taxpayer's elected representatives need any given federal program to demonstrate their ability to 'bring home the bacon'.
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  • change #1
    The first thing that they ought to do is change the CIA charter to included domestic intelligence also. Having the FBI take over when the bad guy crosses our border is stupid at best. Of course when you have the NSA, CIA, FBI, and DHS, I can only imagine the stuff that gets missed because no one knows what the other is doing.
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  • Big Problem
    The CIA doesn't follow the law. There are a lot of things the CIA can and will do overseas that are illegal in the US with US citizens. Allowing the CIA to function in the US is like allowing the NSA to listen in on all US communications like they do with overseas communications. I don't think you will get much support for that.
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  • What a joke
    Congress created most of those duplicate programs in the first place. It is about time they get around to cleaning up their own mess.
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