11:48 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Re: IRS Furrloughs
    GetOffYour Butts
    There is NOTHING as dumb as pissing off th people who colletct taxes for the government. Disenfranchised pissed off workers who have endured 3 years without a pay increase while paying more for their health care coveage aand who are now losing 20% of their salary each week are certainly not in the mood to collect taxes from other people and as they say "Pay back is a @itch".
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  • IRS
    This agent may well assess his estimate as a result of an audit.He doesn't collect the assessment.A collection officer does and each collection officer does not collect that estimated amount each working day.So this agent's estimate is unfounded as far as actual monies lost to the government.
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  • Bud, you must not be a Revenue Agent
    Taxpayer Too
    Obviously Bud doesn't work for the IRS. I've worked with Revenue Agents for the last 20 years and they do collect the taxes. When the RA sends out the RAR to the taxpayer telling them how much they owe, often times a check is sent in to pay off the liability. Only when the taxpayer ignores the tax bill does a Revenue Officer go out and collect the money. Get your facts straight Bud.
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  • To TP too
    You are right in the sense that we are supposed to try to collect the deficiency, penalty, and interest. I am not successful most of the time. Sometimes I am. But I try. Bud did work for the IRS. I believe he said he came from Collections, but I am not sure. he is now retired.----However, I disagree with him about monies lost being unfounded. it would be tough to collect unassessed taxes.
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  • My agents collect plenty
    SGT Pepper
    We get many agreed audit proposals and payment for all or part of those every year. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars in fact before Revenue Officers even enter the picture. And those assessments are the result of the work done by my agents, and would not exist at all without them. It's just absurd for anyone to think that furloughing an Agent for a week makes any sense. Either that or it's plain ignorance of the facts. And the Revenue Officers in our building? They do a great job, and I might remind Bud that they're being furloughed too so their contribution to the actual collection of tax deficiencies is lost as well.
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  • IRS
    Taxpayer,I did work for IRS as an R/O and then in management.As moderate said below,agents try to collect but often don't.Then R/Os take over.You should read the IRS SOI book about taxes assessed vs.taxes collected.You'll get an education.And moderate is correct about collectng unassessed taxes.
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  • what about federal holidays?
    Does anyone complain about the loss of revenue when every federal holiday rolls around? A three day weekend does nothing to disrupt the overall work flow. So why should 5 or 7 extra "three day weekends" make a difference in the overall revenue to the government? Bottom line: It won't. It may delay an audit from being completed by a day or two. And the tax gap (the difference between what is reported and what is actually owed) of $400 billion per year will be minimally impacted.
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