5:14 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Sequestration = nothing but politics
    6 weeks ago the GOP proposed exactly what just happened yesterday, which is to give the Dept. of Transportation authority to move money around in its budget to avoid furloughs. 6 weeks ago Obama and leaders from the Dem party said "NO". Why, because for weeks leading up to sequestration Obama was flying around the country predicting Armageddon if sequestration happened. Yes, some feds in some agencies are being furloughed, but the Armageddon Obama was predicting was nothing but hot air. He knew it and now the public knows it.
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  • I agree, but...
    Rock Man
    Very few Feds have been furloughed up to this point. Had furloughs kicked in all at one time across the board in all agencies like it was supposed to have done, THEN you would have seen some really bad happenings. If Congress keeps granting exceptions to the original Sequestration LAW that Congress itself passed, then we'll just merrily roll along until the next war, which will then once again distract our attention from all of our economic woes.
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  • Wish I was an Air Traffic Controller Rather Than an IRS Agent
    Now we have Congress deciding which federal employees are more important. I cannot wait to see what is next.
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  • Not going to happen
    Don't get happy too quick. It is quite possible that congress will vote on this today and it will be blocked because of nic-picky issues. So until it is passed by the house, I would not get too happy too quick.
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  • should be a simple fix, but politics prevent it
    Additional funds are not being appropriated. Congress is simply allowing Departments to move money around to avoid furloughs. It really should be a simple thing when you think about it. Why shouldn't flexibility be granted to Departments to allow movement of money within its budget? Politics as usual is getting in the way. Imagine if you ran out of money in your monthly food budget and instead of moving money from your entertainment budget to allow you to eat you decided to starve the rest the of the month. This is stupid.
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  • It'll pass the House
    It was the GOP that originally suggested the Obama administration allow the Dept of Transportation to move money around to avoid furloughs at the FAA. The House, controlled by the GOP, is not going to block this. The Dems, led by Obama, blocked this 6 weeks ago. Now they realize how stupid it is not to allow the movement of money within a budget.
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