12:14 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • SES get 35% bonus for this award???
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    I am a lowly GS-13 but received my agencies distinguished service award. What did I get? A certificate, no financial compensation. We lowly GS'ers can only get awards up to 1% of our salary now but an SES can get 35%? I love the fairness and equity provided by the government. Obviously, the rules don't apply to the elite, only the working class. The SES are all fairly wealthy and don't need financial compensation, whereas us lowly GS0er's who have not had a pay raise in 3 years and live pay check to pay check could use a little extra and would work above and beyond to get that. There is no incentive, so why????
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  • How much is 35%???
    What is the $$$ amount for the 35% bonus? Was that deducted from the actual amount they saved the gov or did they only save $94B-35%? the article mentions bonuses required by law. What bonuses are you talking bout? No one in the gov should be getting a bonus right now. There should NEVER be one required by law. I know people that work on getting contracts done (acquisition workforce people) get bonuses when a contract is awarded and I think that is wrong! It's their job to do that. that is why thier job title is Contract Specialist and not admin assistant or office manager.
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  • awards
    At least as a lowly 13, you get a certificate. As a really lowly NK-02/GS 07, I didn't even get taken out for lunch for admin assistant day unless I scheduled it. Forget a certificate for doing the work of 3 admins and covering over 75 people while the others were out sick.
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  • Shame on YOU!
    "The award is recognition for efforts above and beyond the call of duty, and includes a 35 percent lump sum bonus based on their rate of pay." By bullying your subjects to cutting costs (bringing their own supplies to perform duties), you continue traveling and living high off the hog. Now 35% bonus. How do they sleep at night? Yo POTUS, I guees only the little people "feel the pain", huh?
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  • An Apology Needed
    These SESsers are thieves. Plain and simple. If they have any thread of dignity or conscience, they will each each a check to the U.S. Treasury in the amount of their unearned bonuses. Instead of gloating and complaining that even more of her members can't get Wall Street style bonuses, Carol Bonosaro should apologize to the entire Federal workforce. Disgraceful.
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