12:38 am, May 29, 2015

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  • The Russians have an SES?
    Awards for Intelligence Community SESers? Is she for real? The only intelligence brass that should be even remotely considered for an award would be the Russians who tried to get the Americans interested in the Boston bombers. This group has some nerver backslapping and recognizing each other in the midst of pay freezes, award freezes and furloughs for the people who actually do their work.
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  • Delegation
    Sam B
    "Don't do your subordinates work for them even if you know you can do it better and faster," he said. "It's better to delegate and let them learn to make decisions." I agree in principle. But in this fiscal environment, SESers rarely provide the tools or resources necessary to make the correct decision. It's not delegation as much as it's "passing the buck". The subordinate working in a highly constrained environment is pigeonholed into making an ineffective or incorrect decision and is then punished accordingly. Meanwhile, the SES is getting an award for minimizing the tools and resources available to the subordinates.
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  • SES system designed for outsourcing and cutting Fed benefits
    Honest Broker
    Saved $94B? With all the outsourcing and redundancy, it would not surprise me but wonder if this was accomplished through benefits cuts and attrition? The SES Govt employee system is a great way for the politicians to keep the cash flowing to their buddies. I worked in the Intel community and it was bloated with too many contractors jumping on the cyber attack scare bandwagon. Every Govt organization had their own teams, which never seemed to collaborate on anything so tons of redundancy and no passing around lessons learned. China does it with all Govt employees and just one group, which are quite effective so we could take a lesson. Cyber attack fear mongering is an easy sell for the politicians and then they claim Govt folks are too inept, so lets just keep shoveling money over to the commercial world which also are great campaign contributors. SES'rs are touting these great savings to justify their big bonuses, but in reality its a system designed by the politicians to keep Corp America happy and not really buy smart.
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  • Out of Touch
    Could this group possibly be any more out of touch from their workforce? First they are shamelessly collecting 35% bonuses while oft-underpaid their staff have been suffering through non-stop Fed bashing, pay freezes, awards freezes, and now furloughs. Then they have the gall to lay credit for saving $94 billion presumably all on their own? We all know these individuals didn't save a dime. IF any savings were realized, it is through the work of their unappreciated staff who they have no problem stealing credit from. Just goes to show how this group got to where they are. If you don't do much, you can't screw up much. Do nothing and steal credit for others' work. That's the key to success. Shameless. The only group more pathetic than these clowns are the beltway bandits.
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  • Innovative thinking? Horse pockey! Contravening the "we do it THIS way here" gets one HAMMERED.
    The Original Joe S
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