8:06 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Hilarious
    No one can take any pain or discomfort from cutting the budget, even those that pass the laws that make it so. We are so messed up. If you want to save money, you must give up services and convenience. I am willing to do that. But even our elected republicans cave when people complain. And to think this is just a convenience issue!!! We won't ever cut anything.
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  • Let the rankings begin.....
    Big Joe
    If nothing else has been learned by Federal employees, its that the air traffic controllers rank higher on the necessity list than others furloughed in the FAA and other Agencies. The message to those furloughed for more than 15+ days must be loud and clear...not only are you not a real necessity, but there is not even an effort to reduce your days like DOD did (from 14 to 7 days). For those employees like the IRS, the mixed messages are like a dysfunctional household. You will be furloughed for 5-8 days.....and how dare you make erroneous refunds! Its not our (Congress) fault that we couldn't get our act together and you only had a few weeks to get things in order before refund season started. Also not our fault that we continually shorted the time requirements for refunds which eliminate time to check for fraud and identity theft. Shame on you IRS....here is your furlough.... So, the next question is what is the next area of Government that can severely impact the public so they cry to Congress? I'm guessing with summer coming anything to do with a National Park should find some relief coming....
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  • Picked the wrong agency to work for ???
    Apparently I did! More exceptions are being made daily. Sequestration was sippose to hit EVERY agency equally. The unions are SUPPOSED to be filing unfair labor practice complaints and i am starting to agree.
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