6:25 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Wishing
    Wishing that I was an air traffic controller, or as important as an air traffic controller. Congress is not rushing to pass legislation so that I and the other tens of thousands of employees in my agency will not be furloughed. It is bad enough that the congress and the public believe that we are fat, lazy, overpaid do-nothing pencil pushers. Now we have Congress deciding whose job is more important. If I wasn't so close to retirement I would be looking for a job in the private sector. I would make mo' money to be sure. I had always thought that I made a good decision when I decided to stay working for the government rather than making twice the money by working in my profession in the private sector. I sure was wrong.
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  • Bill to end airport delays headed for House vote
    Funny when the delays affect the DC area airports how quickly Congress can act. All under the guise of trying to bring relief to Joe Lunchbucket. Yeah right.
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  • Read the fine print
    If you read the actual verbiage in the bill, it only stops furloughs of employees funded out of the Operations Budget. Those employees who are funded out of other appropriations such as Research and Development and Facilities and Equipment, still have to be furloughed. http://docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20130422/BILLS-113-SUS-hr1765ih_xml.pdf
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  • Shame on them
    I once had some respect for Susan Collins, this was brought on by the PUBlicans and pee party (have some more wine John B.) The only reason both parties fixed this one is because it directly effects their comfort and convenience in getting out Washington to lay around or go on fact finding vacations at tax payer expense. It's all about them! Don't fool yourself into thinking their doing a service to the public that has nothing to do with it. IT"S ALL ABOUT THEM!
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  • Addtionally
    Funny how quick they move and united they are when it's all about them.
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