11:56 am, May 28, 2015

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  • We Called Them, We Wrote Them - They Didn't Care
    Radar Tech
    Employees in the FAA called and wrote to their representatives and senators to tell them and we were ignored. What part of ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL do they fail to grasp? We are excepted service for a reason. Further, it isn't just the furloughs that are an issue. We are already cannibalizing equipment to keep things running. I'm not saying there are not areas to cut because there are. But we are experiencing amputation when what was intended was liposuction.
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  • Furloughs
    state worker
    The employees of the State of Maryland have been furloughed for years. Welcome to our world!
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  • To State Worker
    What a cheap comment. Shame on you state worker. I have a serious case of arthritis. It hurts and my hands are deformed. Everyone therefore should have this same ailment---WELCOME TO MY WORLD. A co-worker's son has autism. Therefore at least one of your precious offspring should also have autism. I work with someone whose child was killed in a car accident. GET MY POINT STATE WORKER??? Keep your cheap shots to yourself. We do not need them.
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  • My Job Is Important Too
    So Congress is up in arms because their weekend jaunts home might be delayed? They want to pass emergency legislation so that FAA air traffic controllers will no longer be subjected to furloughs. What about the rest of us civil servants? Is Congress saying that the air traffic controllers and only the air traffic controllers serve an important purpose? Will the public be inconvienced if the butcher shops and meat sections of the grocery stores run low on fresh meat because meat inspectors are being furloughed? Will the public be inconvienced when state parks open one month late? Will the public be inconvienced when seasoned FBI agents (who hunt down terrorists) are fuloughed the next time (God forbid) some jihad wannabees try to kill the infidels? Will the public be inconvenienced when a life-saving drug is not approved in a timely fashion because FDA scientists are on furlough? I could go on and on. All of us contribute to the betterment of this country. All of us are hurt by the furloughs. It is time that we replace every last Congress person with people who truly care about ordinary every day US citizens.
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