1:43 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Axe to the chopping block
    So what sense does it make to furlough folks from the DoD Inspector General's Office? In their 2011 report TO Congress they RETURNED to the government $2.5 BILLION or $1.7 MILLION PER employee. So an organization that cost the taxes payers nothing really will have workers NOT bringing money back to the government? TOSS THEM ALL OUT, lets start all over with new folks that get the point. Get the job done OR be done!
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  • This is only the beginning
    I am working for DoD and we are down to just 14 days of furloughs now, with some hope of dropping a little further. We have been under a hiring freeze for most of the year and it will likely last into next year some time. We have people jumping ship, mostly into retirement, as their high 3 isn't likely to get any higher and at least as retired workers they still get some COLA. I am expecting contract workers will not be renewed, a wave of VSIP / VERA offers to come out early next FY, followed by a RIF, since Sequester is a 10 year plan with no end in sight. Congress will expect to get just as much work from a reduced and less experienced workforce while finding more ways to cut our pay. At the end of the FY, when contractors expect a rush of end of year contract awards and there is nothing, you will hear some more noise as contractors start to lay off workers. We have cut back building maintenance and janitorial services to a minimum to minimize furloughs, and if we keep that up for 10 years we will be replacing buildings far faster than originally planned. This sort of poorly planned cuts is little better than borrowing more money, as much of what we are doing is little more than pushing off expenses to a later day, not eliminating them. Furloughing people just means work will take longer to accomplish over the next 10 years.
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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    Granted, it is sad that the gov't went on a spending spree and civilians are paying for it, it's not the fault of the gov't that civilians live beyond their means and live paycheck to paycheck. The gov't didn't tell their employees to buy big houses, fancy cars and have 2-5 kids.
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  • Lumping them ALL
    You are lumping all folks in a generic view. How about MAYBE that is money used to pay for a childs college OR money saved for retirement. Not ALL people have lived beyond their means. It hurts everyone in some way. Less is less and what the money was going to be used for is not the issue OR the point. The point is the inability of the government to govern effectively!
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  • Hush!
    FERS Fed
    You are needlessly confusing a LIV (Low Information Voter) who has bought into the GOP's myth that all feds live in big houses, have fancy cars, and 2-5 kids.
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  • My View
    Mr. Time Bandit...I am a federal employee. I have zero children. I have no debts. I rent a small 2-bedroom apartment. My vehicle is a 2009 Ford (which I will be driving many years from now). Watch your mouth. If your intention is to bash us Federal employees, go rant and rave someplace else. There is a college soriority sister whom you may want to meet...
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  • Economic Threats
    Feds trying to make the case that their furloughs will somehow threaten the overall economy are ignoring the fact that those Feds affected collectively make up less than two percent of the work force. Even if their pay is cut 20 percent the impact will be very small. The answer is political unfortunately. There are 4.5 million active and retired Feds. Multiple this number by their friends and families and you are talking about real political clout in a number of individual states and districts. Feds would be far better served to put forward their case to the Senators and Congressmen in whose districts or states they live in. For example, there are 400,000 Feds in California and over 300,000 in Texas, not to mention Virginia and Maryland. These are numbers individual members of Congress cannot ignore. You don't need the whole Congress, just an interested and motivated faction. I know there are Unions and Federal organizations that are trying to do this but at this point they are being ineffective. Perhaps they should collectively get together and find a better way to inform and influence Congress.
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  • Do not support ANY Incumbent
    The best campaign is against ALL incumbents, because they should be held accountable for the job they didn't do.
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  • Not happening
    Just like the public is divided, the feds are divided also.
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  • Furloughs and the about face with the FAA
    It is too bad the IRS did not decide to furlough employees during filing season. Seems that only when the public and/or the politicians are directly affected does the talk of excepting an agency from the sequester happen.
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