4:08 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Both people are right
    It's hard to keep your dignity as you get humiliated by House, Senate and President. The triumvirate known as our bosses has given us 5-8% pay cut this year on top of years of no COLAs. This is something Bob obviously doesn't know or maybe doesn't care about. There has been no deflation. He's gotten COlas while we've gotten the shaft. My pay is at least 20% less than where it should be. But yes I'm grateful for my job. I blame politics and this is clearly something intended to cause pain. The question is who is to blame. What can us trapped feds do but cut back. And cut back hard because next year isn't looking any better.
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  • Haggling
    Mike, Your thoughts from Mr. Trimbur seem a tad insincere. This gentleman, who is retired, is mocking the woman who is losing pay. Perhaps he would be more thoughtful were his retirement pay being reduced by 20%. I agree with the lady: due to uncertainly I am not buying, am hoarding cash and expecting the worst. I guess that make me a drama king.
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  • More than just a furlough
    I think Mr. Trimbur missed the part in the story where the person orginally quoted said an additional 6 furlough days would be required before the end of the fiscal year for a total of 10 days lost. But losing time this year is just the latest insult to injury. Pay freezes, threats of changes to retirement, being accused of being an overpaid, lazy Federal Employee by people who don't even know me, Congress getting full pay..... All of these things together make it tough to be a Fed, but I'm at an age where I can't retire but there is no place to go. My husband and I have been cutting back for more than a year because of the uncertainty. As someone else said, it's not just the Feds that are suffering but all the places we do business, and their people. I think the current situation has revealed some wasteful spending which is a positive thing, but I think the bottom line is that it's about politics more than progress.
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  • Govt employees are just an easy target for politicians
    Honest Broker
    Money talks on Capitol Hill, so we have no voice and just an easy mark and great way to distract the public. The politicians allowed outsourcing for decades and then to keep the public distracted, they used Govt funds to employ everyone with nice contract jobs. They did not compensate by increasing taxes, but instead cut them especially for the super rich. POGO.ORG pointed out the contracting out jobs costs 1.83 times on average more than a Govt employee with full benefits. Talk to contractors and they do not get as much, so that is quite a healthy profit margin for the company. The politicians know where the funding cuts need to be, but they love that cash too much so there is the quandry. When's the next election?
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  • Next election?
    Rock Man
    The next election is not going to do us much good... unless we find life on other planets first.
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  • Furloughs
    Why does the idiom, "Flogging an expired equine" come to mind?
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  • I think the more accurate message
    from Congress and the President is; "The floggings will continue until morale improves."
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  • Great comment
    I agree. And it will get worse as more workers leave the government and the replacements are of lower quality because of the floggings.
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