2:22 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Excuse Me
    An employee can't use the money for an emergency, but the scumbag politicians can dip into TSP anytime.
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  • TSP loans
    It just amazes me how Congress can have access to our money and we can't. A few years back we were able to have two general purpose loans at the same time. I just watched a Frontline special last night on KQED PBS titled, Retirement Gamble, about our 401k retirement plans, you will be shocked at how your money is being managed and what you really need to know about what is happening with your money. This is not just employer based plans, but IRA's as well. Very Very enlighting, gives you a whole new perspective on these plans. I would advise everyone to watch this one.
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  • What a bunch of non-sense
    they just dont want to do it. Its not congress, its not a law, its not IRS. If companies can have 2 loans and a withdrawl, so can TSP. And the retraining of the call centers? what training? its an extra loan/withdrawl...they should know it by now for goodness sake... I'd like to know who is paying the board, tax payers or the TSP holders cause as both, I want to fire them....nonsense...
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  • If you need a TSP loan because of a furlough  (Flagged as Abuse)
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  • Glad I'm retired. Keep that check coming every month!
    The Original Joe S
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