12:09 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Chained CPI
    Marty Lickteig
    The Feds say the Chained CPI formula will save the Government some $23 Billion. Just remember that each and every one of those dollars comes out of some retiree's pocket.
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  • The Fed Pumps $45 Billion a Month
    Radar Tech
    $23 Billion is chump change in the budget. The Fed "loans" nearly double that every month to the bloated banks.
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  • Wasting Money
    Maybe if they just cut the billions/trillion dollars a year given in foreign aid given to countries that hate us, and defund the UN that hates us, there would be enough money to treat federal workers decently.
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  • Foreign aid & UN funding are not enough.
    Jerry A.
    Those are not enough, and a drop in the bucket compared with "security" spending (Homeland Security & Defense). We spend more than the next 15 nations _combined_ on the DoD alone, and most of those are our allies. There is a lot to cut there, if only politicians would stop their pet projects and home district handouts.
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  • Even the Romans knew
    that worldwide empire was expensive. Why can't we learn from them? Bring the troops home now.
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  • Good point
    Good point. Many of the troops should come home
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  • Shared Sacrifice
    Between the pay freezes and chained CPI, I believe Feds have done their part. Time to share the pain. Unfortunately, that includes programs that must be reduced or shut down entirely. Glad when I relocated the river is near filled with catfish and bass and crawdads. Plenty of free range venison nearby, as well.
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  • It doesn't matter to many federal workers
    COLA and CPI hardly affects federal workers. I have worked for the federal government for 23 years and I can't remember the last time we got a full COLA. Congress cuts it almost every year. This year we were supposed to only get about 0.5% and they cut even that. They "adjust" the calculation and it would only matter for retirees because they are the only ones that get a full COLA. The rest of us have to live with whatever arbitrary number Congress picks out of thin air, again. I would be all for this new calculation if I thought for a minute we would actually get it every year.
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