8:58 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Once More Redesign The Wheel
    Once more unto the breech dear friends, once more unto the maw of the cannon. Seems we've done this, more than once. The unions hated NSPS, mainly because higher performing personnel might actually be paid more. The present administration killed NSPS as payment to the unions for debts incurred. Can't complain myself, because of NSPS, I retired two steps above what I otherwise would have.
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  • tsk tsk..misguided on NSPS
    Lisa Lisa
    Actually, people didnt get paid more as in their base pay under NSPS, many got more in BONUS not pay. By funneling less money in to PAY, down the road, it means less retirement. I was in NSPS. It was all too time consuming for supervisors and employees to spend gobs of time writing hour own evaluation and then to be judged by a pool of people who dont know what you do. Dontget me wrng, I did well and scored well but when it came down to how I got paid..I didnt get PAID in terms of it affecting my base pay. Rather I got it in bonus. I left DoD because it was just a terrible deal all the way around. The measurements in NSPS became a tool that management and supv used against employees. Everything had to be MEASURED so you spend gobs of time quantifying your work where quantifying isnt possible. I dont think GS neds a major overhaul but perhaps a tweak. Be careful what you wish for. Pay for performance sounds good but its not
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  • I Got Paid More in Base Pay on NSPS
    Lisa Lisa ... you/your command may have only given out performance pay in the form of bonuses, but my command gave out both continuous (base pay increases) & bonuses. Actually, for us, NSPS was similar to our old system in that form ... just the pay pool was different. My understanding, it was the NSPS pay pool & associated process that was significantly different (more difficult & more paperwork intensive) than our old system that we're back under now. But, either way, I received a combination of continuing & bonus points under NSPS, same as under our old pay-for-performance system. Lately, I'm only getting bonuses, but that's because after 30 years, I'm almost topped out & they can't give me a continuing point without me exceeding what's allowed for my pay grade/position. So, I'll gladly take the bonus instead.
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