12:36 pm, May 27, 2015

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    I agree, here we go again. After the Merit Pay System failed, we all went back to what we know works...the GS System. Then we went to NSPS (pay for performance), by the time we got used to the system, we converted back to, what is it called, oh yeah, the GS System. This conversion back defintely costs the government additional money. Some people actually got promoted as a result of converting back to GS (was not supposed to happen) and depending on how they were defined under NSPS, when they converted back to GS they will probably be on Saved Pay for years to come...again an additional cost to the government. Before we start yet another special working group to fix something that is not broke...how about getting rid of the furloughs, give us a multiple year budget (so we don't have to through this evey year), investigate wasteful programs, etc. It seems to me they are avoiding doing real work and have nothing better to do other than dream up things to waste time and money.
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  • Just Keep Trying to Balance on Our Backs
    No raises, retirement based on top 5 instead of top 3, chained CPI instead of straight CPI, reconfigure the whole pay scale....sorry, Congress et al, but you can't balance your effed-up budget even if you fire every Federal worker and reneg on your obligation to the retirees.
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  • Watch what happens!
    I will almost be willing to bet that the outcome of this study will be driven more towards reducing the government employment workforce. I can see the steps going away for more streamlined flat salary that will have incentives stripped away for longevity. That will leave the general workforce looking at "bread crumb" raises that will be prone to "clay duck" target practicing by the congress and or senate. This will definitely be an effective way to drive out the talent from the government employment rank and file leaving only those who are less talented to mess things up. When the "gifted" individuals who make these decisions get involved, they tend to break 10 other things for every 1 thing they attempt to fix. LOL!
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  • Oy to the Vey!
    Lisa Lisa
    Sigh. Really? Again with the "we need a new pay system"? The government is supposed to be broke right? Correct me if I am wrong, but DoD spent hundreds of millions on NSPS which was an EPIC failure-but this didnt make headline news at Faux and CNN so America didnt come out with their pitchforks on that. So. Here we are. Broker than broke. We havent gotten the bill for the tragedies in TX or Boston yet. Looks like the FAA is tapdancing on the closing of towers because Mr Politician isnt getting his arrival and departure on time-having being forced to stay in the elite airline lounges for free drinks and free wifi-its tough..poor guy. Wait..where was I? Oh yea. We're broke but we will spend some more "under the radar" money to rehash a rehash on a new pay system for the feds (even though ALL agencies arent required to conform to an across the board pay system-see DoD). WHy dont they just say it. The US is broke and we are going to take MORE from you Mr Joe Fed worker so that we can pay Mr contractor more monyt than god to do the work of a fed worker for half the price.
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  • NSPS Cost Over $150M
    Actually, I saw a GAO report that said over $150M was spent on NSPS ... including the cost of transitioning back to our old pay systems once NSPS was killed.
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  • Not Again
    Just another attempt to cut federal pay. Every time there is a budget crunch this comes up and they try another experiment. The federal government has well over a dozen different pay systems they have tried at one time or another. None of them have ever worked significantly better than another. Many of them still linger in one agency or another. They don't seem to ever understand that if they want all their programs to keep moving, they have to pay people to administer them and oversee them. They keep creating new programs and micromanaging the federal workforce and wonder why it isn't more efficient or cost effective. 4 years of flat pay and they wonder why we spend so much on recruiting and training. Then they cut training funds and wonder why things aren't done more effectively. They force us to contract out government functions and wonder why there is no accountability and no cost savings.
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