5:04 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • IRS
    If it were up to me, they'd be put on permanent furlough, the entire organization!
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  • Then you would be screwing the entire Federal government
    The IRS is the primary agency that takes in money to fund the government. They don't make the laws, it only implements them. They pull off the impossible every year, making the tax code changes that Congress passes in mid-December and gets them into Production by the beginning of January. You want to furlough someone permanently, furlough Congress and that sorry excuse in the WH.
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  • Agree, but
    I also agree with fedforlife. However, the furloughs are all BS. The $45B in cuts this year and the $40B in cuts next year were just cuts in the increase in spending not actual budget cuts, which, of course, those watching the MSM and following "Organizing For America" (Obama's super-PAC) tweets will never learn any facts that point back at the WH or dems.
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  • Right!
    FERS Fed
    Because the costs of goods and services never ever increase, do they? And today's dollar will buy exactly the same thing that it would buy 25 years ago, won't it? ..... Try watching something other than Faux News.
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  • So predictable
    Can't argue facts with any credibility; so, you impugn without facts.
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  • Homework?
    Fed Lifer
    The "cuts" aren't really "cuts" from the current budget, just a reduction in the percentage of increase in proposed outyear budgets - perhaps you should watch something other than MSNBC and maybe do a little reading. I have to wonder if those making all the fuss about the furlough are the same ones going to Las Vegas, Saratoga Springs and other hot spots for NTEU steward training while front line taxpayer support, programmers and technical support staff have no funds for training or travel.... That's right, NTEU is flying their stewards off to fun spots like New Orleans, Saratoga Springs, Las Vegas for a week of "training". Why can't they train at their POD, online or go without like the rest of us (bargaining and non-bargaining alike)? That would save hundreds of thousands in travel funds for employees that really need it. Or does money for these boondoggles come out of some funding stream immune to sequestration and "cuts"?
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  • Going on strike!
    That is right- strike. I am going on a consumer strike. Gave up caffeine, downgraded cell phone service & internet speed, canceled gym membership, Netflix and now I am going on a consumer strike. For the next month, I will buy NOTHING. My dog and gas are the only exceptions. Pantry has enough food & protein shakes to last 2-3 months. This is consumer driven economy but I have to think of MY economy. The IRS has made all the budget cuts demanded but is still furloughing. They have NOT eliminated travel. This furlough is not necessary. I encourage EVERYONE to join my strike!
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  • No Travel?
    You are sorely misinformed. Although there is some travel, it has been cut down drastically. Cut down to the point where people who need to attend a class cannot go because their Business Operating Division says no ... How many people can imaging being told to do a job which entailed technical skills and then being told ... "sorry no travel is allowed" I know for a fact that is happening in IRS. It may stink, but the IRS is following the rules set down by congress. Something they repeatedly do. And, then, unfortunately, get beat up by those who do not want to pay income tax. IRS does NOT make the rules - the IRS including the Acting Commissioner, Steven Miller, are made up of taxpayers. IRS is not Congress, Senate, or the WH. IRS collects tax and does so as fiscally responsible as possible. The problem is there is ALWAYS somone who thinks it is BS. I know first hand - the IRS is doing everything in their power to ensure tha American Taxpayer gets their refund within 6 weeks. Even so that is not enough for some.
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    Kenny Ray
    Other agencies should follow the IRS example. Specifically targeting their furlough days and SHUTTING DOWN the ENTIRE operation. Exempt a handful of critical positions, safety, security, etc, BUT have them take rotating furlough days. That makes the so-called savings from a furlough approach (but not reach) the break-even point where the savings outweigh the costs of implementing the furlough.
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  • Mostly right......
    Big Joe
    You are correct that they are doing it mostly right, but there is still a lot more that could be done. It goes back to the September "use or lose" mentality. I can point to a substantial amount of $$$ that should be given back to the pot to eliminate furlough days, but the decision has been made to go forward with these unneeded projects. If they gave it back now, the group would never get the same funding in October, so it is going to be wasted to ensure proper funding for next year. Truly sad......
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  • IRS furloughs
    I have worked for the IRS for more than twenty five years. I never imagined that I would see the day when Federal employees are penalized (by being furloughed without pay because neither the Congress or the President could complete the deal on Deficit reductions that they all agreed too. I agree that it is not the IRS that should endure the wrath and blame from the public about taxes. Congress created the tax laws and it is only Congress that can change them. As the effects of the Sequester can cuts hit across the Government and the country as a whole I hope that the people remember how all this happened and apply that knowledge in coming 2014 campaign season. I am fortunate that I have a good salary and decent savings so that I will be able to endure missing five to seven days of pay between now and 9/30/13. Just last week I sent a donation to the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund (www.feea,org) so that they will have more resources to assist other Federal Employees who might need help during their furloughs. I encourage anyone who can afford to donate to this group.
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  • It's not just the IRS
    The federal government is the only real thing Congress and administrations can use for hostages and punish the general public at the same time irrespective that it was BHO who initiated the sequester issue; however, Congress abdicated their role as well by passing it and not a real budget with surgical cuts. There is a enough blame to go around, but the dems did not pass a budget when they had both houses - luckily. Just think what the deficit would be if they had. Yes, the cost of goods and services does increase, but not exponentially, and there was no need for all those new hires except to get them to vote for BHO - 230K new hires - a trend that started under W. Remember, the $45B in cuts this year and the $40B in cuts next year were just cuts in the increase in spending not actual budget cuts, which, of course, those watching the MSM and following "Organizing For America" (Obama's super-PAC) tweets will never learn any facts that point back at the WH or dems. Remember, also, that all those furlough days will be repaid in the future. It's never failed in the past, and it won't fail now.
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  • Presidential vacations on taxpayer dollar?
    My wife and I are pondering future vacations for our family, as a result of these furloughs, which may become more common over the next few years! It's good to know that Obama and family have already enjoyed several extravagent vacations this year, and on our dollar! What a sacrifice..."as long as I have mine," that's all that really matters to most people in this country. The President is leading by example.
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