4:25 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Why not?
    No federal employees should be spared. Public safety be damned!
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  • why do these positions have to be government employees?
    contract the positions out, build the cost into ticket prices. If it becomes too expensive (or dangerous) to fly then let the market resolve the problem. the taxpayers cannot afford to continue to pay for everything that the government is doing, that should be clear to anyone that knows how to run a spreadsheet.
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  • Why not contract out FAA and charge fees? Single company play nice and cheaper? Doubt it
    Honest Broker
    It sounded good on the surface, but then consider that one company having the FAA duty could play favorites and drive up prices more than ever. Company's are always trying to cut costs, so they would press the safety envelope. Ask those people living near the fertilizer plant in Texas. Many folks work for Govt contracted companies, so they only see their salary as comparison and not the full charging fees to the Govt. In 2012 POGO.ORG sequestored Govt information for both Govt employees and contractors, so we could figure out which was the cheaper route. They found out of 36 jobs, only 2 were cheaper and they were manual labor jobs. All other jobs ranged from 2 times up to 5 times more expensive. We outsource the FAA, then you will have some real problems in the air travel business.
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