6:53 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • What about toll on civilians
    Even before the furloughs start, it has already killed morale for years to ocme. And little if anything has been done to share thep ain across Congress' best friends, the bloated ocntractor workforce.
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  • Yes the sky is falling, you should quit
    But of course you wont. You say furloughs have "killed morale" but attrition in federal workforce is the lowest EVER. You slam contractors but why are they there in the first place? Yea...to do the job the fed workers are either incapable or unwilling to do. And many of them are ex-military or ex govt themselves. There is no magic bullet to solve the budget crisis. But we can all agree there are govt contracts that should end as well as govt workforce billets. Govt is too big. Period.
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  • Exactly...
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  • Hogwash...
    Stop whining. Contractors are impacted far more than civilian workforce. Did you even read this article? Frankly, it is disgusting to hear the whining from any segment of the government. Your missions simply aren't affordable. Do you not get it?
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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    I was laid off in 2010 after 10 years working as a contractor with the Navy in DC by the Navy Yard, funding was cut and so were we. Granted I miss my job but I don't miss the horrid commute, my current job is 30 minutes from my home so I can drive. I don't have to blow 3-4 hours a day of my time commuting to my job, I may not be making the money I was making but the benefits make up for it.
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  • Wow!
    Wow, that seque-castration's somethin' awful! Maybe we should just borrow ANOTHER 16 TRILLION DOLLARS AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ALLRIGHT, HUH??? Course, a hamburger will cost you 100 dollars, but why worry about the math?
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  • Everyone's hooked on the taxpayer dollar thanks to politicians & MIC
    Honest Broker
    The politicians (yes, Dems and Reps), Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and Corp America made the decision decades ago to outsource, so they could reap the benefits. Its been a tough road trying to convince American taxpayers, but they have managed to distract us with growing Govt funded jobs while they sent manufacturing overseas. For those thinking contract personnel are more cost effective, then check out the 2011 BAD BUSINESS Report from POGO.ORG. With the skyrocketing US deficit, POGO just wanted to know if contracting was the best solution. Only 2 manual labor jobs out of 33 Govt jobs were cheaper by contracting out. They rolled in a life time of benefits to make it fair and they found the companies charged 2 to 5 times more than if you used Govt employees. POGO had to sequestor this information from the Govt, so the politicians and MIC did not want it released. Contract working level people base judgement on their salaries, so they have no idea about the amount of markup. As for more efficient, Govt employees have been shackled with more procurement rules, paperwork and extra duties not levied against contracted companies. Guess who made those rules? Many Govt employees have college degrees from well respected schools, so they are education equals. From comments from contract working personnel, I see the smear campaign against Govt employees can be considered - MISION ACCOMPLISHED. Please turn your wrath on the true culprits and not on your Govt or contract workers, and then maybe we can change the direction of this potential US economic train wreck. We need to put more pressure on the politicians to stop the outsourcing overseas, quit trying to line your pockets and do your job representing all Americans.
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