6:47 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • If its Broken-Whats the Plan to Fix it?
    Lisa Lisa
    OK..so we keep hearing the USPS is broken. Sharpen the pencil more on the fed benefits the USPS employees get? OK fine. But thats NOT the ultimate fix. A few things over the last 20 yrs have occurred that has altered the ops at the USPS. Now I am no analyst, but I a do have the ability to recall things. I'd like to think I am a common sense person. I also realize there are no magic wands. Oh. And I dont live in a bubble drinking Kool-aid (thought I would throw that out there for S & Gs).-----1) Why do USPS (and heck some other govt agencies) have different benefits and pay models from the rest of fed gov? Everyone should be the same-I think it might be called streamlining.----2)When we shop online, why is it we dont see an option for USPS shipping often? Its FEDEX or UPS. I think USPS needs to work on the WHY of that. I should have an option to send pkgs USPS-heck its cheaper anyways! Is it because businesses can make money off shipping too? ---- 3) Why isnt USPS competing in the same market as UPS and FEDEX especially when USPS is in fact CHEAPER? Is it that they cant establish business accts with customers? ---4) Lastly, Congress cant or shouldnt tie the hands of USPS and then demand all that they have demanded over the last 20 yrs. This is the failure of Congress. They cut, chop, axe, limit creativity and limit ability to compete, and slash ,and then you sit before Capitol Hill trying to explain why you are failing.
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