8:09 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Idiot GOP
    Reform coming soon.........LOL with Issa running the show. Quick, lock up the vehicles and secure your mail. Issa and his gang of GOP punks will steal your trucks and Granny's Social Security check
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  • USPS Health plan
    I am against putting postal retirees and survivors in Medicare entirely. I am wondering if that could happen to non postal Federal retirees and survivors. Many would be unhappy if that was ever done. The Post office can't even run its own Agency why would we expect them to do a good job with health care?
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  • The Post Office 'Business Model'
    Let it crash, and then pick up the pieces for privatizing it. It's just like the Detroit automakers needing a Government bailout. The USPS is non-competitive and all they're looking forward to is a taxpayer bailout which means a sinkhole sucking up money until it finally crashes. The public will be better served when they privatize the post office as service will improve when there's a profit motive.
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  • Non-competitive?
    Sam B
    There are numerous private couriers. Of course, you'll have to pay $10 to mail something and, in some cases, the mail may not even be delivered to the final destination because it isn't profitable enough to do so. That's why UPS, FedEx, and DHL transfer some of their packages to USPS for final delivery.
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  • Here's what's wrong with it
    1) As a federal employee, I pay about $2600 per year for my health insurance. A postal employee, with the exact same plan as me, pays just $1700. Why? They should pay the same premiums as all other feds. 2) Junk mail. Everyone hates it and they don't charge enough postage for it. Make everyone happy and increase the postage rate paid for junk mail - it will probably reduce how much ends up in our mailboxes but ultimately make the post office more money. 3) Too many post offices. A while back they tried shutting down under-used offices and everyone complained. You don't need a post office every 5 miles. Close more and save money. 4) Nobody writes letters anymore and most bills are now being paid online. No matter what else they do, this combination may ultimately doom the Postal Service.
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  • The Postal service has previously submitted plans to cut costs ....
    Our elected politicians rejected them and continue to force the USPS to bleed money. The Secretary of Defense previously submitted a budget to curb unsustainable health benefits to veterans...Rejected by our politicians. So when the people that lead these entities are ignored, why would we expect any other outcome? Apparently congress and the senate think they know everything about everything.
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