10:29 am, May 27, 2015

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    Kenny Ray
    The headlines on today's Federal News Radio website are ironic. We have the headline for this story of how the U.S. is bearing an increasing and disproportionate share of maintaining overseas bases. Just below this headline is one about the Smithsonian closing exhibits due to budget constraints. This is the sort of stuff that makes taxpayers' blood boil. Our government never seems to lack money to give away to other countries, but can't fund our own operations.
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  • Money Pit
    I agree Kenny, my blood is already boiling. Idiot Congress want to sequester or DRAFT Fed employees to pay for their stupid budget but not do anything about this problem. This is the most useless Congress in our history.
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  • MIC and Corp America love overseas bases
    Honest Broker
    I see two benefactors from overseas bases. Military Industrial Comples (MIC) gets a big contract to maintain the base. MIC hires locals to do the work, so then Corp America has clout to do business in that country. Since its overseas, they are not obligated to pay US taxes. It's a Win-Win except for the American taxpayer. Gosh, I wonder why we have a negative cash flow out of the US.
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