12:36 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Chained CPI
    What people are not saying is that under FERS, you do NOT get a COLA until you are 62 years old. If I retire at 58.5 years old with 34 years of service I get NO COLA on my basic annunity or the special supplement until I am 62 years old! Then the real kicker is that the COLA that starts at 62 is 1% less than everyone else. If the COLA is at least 3%, then FERS retirees get a 2% COLA! Now they want to cut that! What about the middle class not getting one dime in increased taxes, Mr Obummer? I don't believe anything you say. Just watch what you do! You are a phony!
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  • the real kicker?
    1% less than everyone else?? really?? the real kicker is that "everyone else" gets no pension, no COLA, and you expect "everyone else" (the tax payers) to pay for yours. STOP complaining, you've got it MUCH BETTER than "everyone else", if you were smart you'd shut up and be thankful before "everyone else" notices this.
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  • Words but no content
    Sam Johnson is quoted as saying, "The inclusion of chained CPI in the President's budget is a welcome acknowledgement that we must take action to shore up the program for future generations," He's not saying chained CPI is a good thing, only that he now believes the President acknowledges changes must be made. A bunch of words that, in effect, mean nothing. How about you tell us what you think of the change to chained CPI, or possibly what steps you would take to make things better. Actually do something! Please.
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  • Shackle Congress
    The only chains that should be used are for the crooks in Congress on their way to jail
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  • Chained CPI
    Eagle1 has identified a twist that would make the CPI palatable, eliminate the age 62 rule for FERS retirees allowing them to get COLAs for every year in retirement, eliminate the 1% reduction for FERS COLAs and the .03% less calculation for the CPI would be acceptable. For SOC SEC use of the CPI, include a box on the next House elections asking the general public if going to the CPI use for SOC SEC is acceptable. I would also ask that each canidate for election have a Y or N beside their name to show how they will vote on the CPI question.
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  • Most of Us Worked Hard,...
    and invest a bit to support a decent retirement and the Government decides to establish a means to suck more money from us. Just balance the budget, stop spending so much, and let us retire in peace. I feel for my kids, the way things are going they will be taxed up the gazoo, the Government will keep taking money from them and they will end up working until they are put in the grave. What has happened to our Country? I think we need to get the rich out of Government and get people in that understand the needs of working men and women. They are the ones that really make this Country great, not the fools in Government.
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